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psychological trauma, communications skills, new identity, post-Soviet mentality, consumer culture, Soviet mentality, Soviet mindset


Abstract. The purpose of research is focused on constructing theoretical grounds for understanding changes in the mentality of Eastern European countries that are a contribution to strengthening European unity overall. The research methodology is based on sociological polls, bibliographic sources, descriptive and comparative methods which allowed us to view peculiarities of Soviet mentality as a historical form of societal mentality. The scientific novelty includes analysis of the mentality of Eastern European countries and its impact on development of societies in these countries. Descriptive analysis of this article includes defining the logical patterns and trends in development of mentality in Eastern European countries, including Ukraine. This analysis leads to formulation of prospects for cross-border relations between European countries as they successfully interact with each other. Applying social, cultural and economic factors to understanding modern Ukraine, the article demonstrates how the modern mentality operates and which problems occur in it.
Сonclusions. After taking a deep look into special features of the modern Ukrainian mentality, the article concludes that overcoming the Soviet mindset and its leftovers in Eastern Europe's mentality is decisive for the European Union to become a unifying platform for political aspirations of this region.

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Ivan VERSTYUK, NV Magazine (nv.ua)

MA in Philosophy, journalist and Editor




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