legislation of Ukraine, branding and crowdfunding platforms, investment, social investmen, territorial capital


The purpose of the study is a determination of elements that affect the effectiveness of investment activities in Ukraine. The research methodology. To carry out the research, sources such as international acts, legislation of Ukraine and court practice were used. These sources became the empirical basis of the study. The goals of the research were achieved with the help of the used research methods (dialectical, autopoiesis method, structural-logical, formal-legal), as well as research techniques (analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, etc.). The scientific novelty lies in the fact that this article is one of the first comprehensive studies of the prospects for the development of investment activities in Ukraine. The conclusions. After the full-scale attack of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the popularity of social investments increased. Social investing also needs regulatory support, just like investing for profit. Factors ensuring the efficiency of investment activity in Ukraine have been determined, which include: determination of investment areas; consideration of territorial capital; use of innovative technologies to attract investments; improvement of the legal mechanism that ensures the proper implementation of investment activities; protection of investors' rights.

Author Biographies

Oksana HNATIV, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

PhD in Law, Associate professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure

Bijay Kumar KANDEL, USP (Fiji)

Visiting Professor, USP (Fiji), UNICAF University (Cyprus) and SIMI (Switzerland), Peterborough (UK)


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